Living Fully

  • At home in community with 10 friends in Oakland, CA.
  • Weaving and pollinating between all variety of events, meetups, festivals, workshops, parties, conferences...
  • Exploring the epic natural beauty of Northern California.
  • Drinking tea.
  • Dancing.
  • Hosting potlucks, metamodern salons, house concerts...
  • Consciousness hacking.
  • Inventing new holidays.

Working with Purpose

  • Building Hylo: the social coordination platform for a thriving planet.
  • Stewarding the Terran Collective to amplify cooperation among people working to regenerate our communities and our planet, by building systems and tools that foster trust and collaboration, focused in the Bay Area bioregion.
  • Stewarding the Collaborative Technology Alliance to facilitate collaboration among those building humane social tech that benefits people and planet.
  • Previously: Helping grow the residential solar industry at One Block off the Grid; starting transportation companies, and calendaring companies.

Spreading Ideas

I am also a Wizard. Especially when it comes to...