Loving life

  • Living in community with eights friends in a San Francisco coop.
  • At every social event/meetup/workshop/party/conference I can possibly go to.
  • Consciousness hacking.
  • Exploring the epic natural beauty of northern California.
  • Drinking tea.
  • Dancing.
  • Hosting potlucks, Wisdom Hacker salons, house concerts, freedom parties...
  • Inventing holidays.

Working hard

  • Starting a cooperative software agency, building digital products to create a better world, while reinventing how we do business to be more collaborative, equitable and just. We just finished our first successful year!
  • Previously...
  • Helping grow the residential solar industry
  • ... from incubator...
  • ... to startup...
  • ... to first acquisition...
  • ... to second acquisition.
  • Starting transportation companies
  • ... and calendaring companies.

Spreading ideas

I am also a Wizard. Especially when it comes to...